Bulletin’s Sydney team took a mini field trip Wednesday to attend the seminar “Tablet Media – A Content Revolution” presented by the Australia Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) and Oomph, to gain a little more insight into the rapidly growing tablet market. The event, which was hosted at the KPMG Auditorium in Sydney, featured numerous presentations from industry leaders such as Google, ABC and Haymarket. The overwhelming message from all presenters is that the tablet market is not only vast and expanding, but has also created consumers that posse a never-ending thirst for engaging, interactive content.

As consumers continue to purchase tablets at a record pace, their demand for rich, interactive content increases just as quickly. The mobility and personalization of tablets presents a golden opportunity for publishers and marketers alike to supply creative content that actively engages their audience.

To properly understand the ‘content revolution’ the tablet market has created, you must understand how customers are using tablets. The mobility of tablets leads to the deep personalization of the medium. People have their tablets with them in their living rooms in the evenings, take them to bed with them and then bring them on the commute to work. Whether they’re in bed or on-the-go, the interface and technological features of tablets have consumers craving more clicks, swipes, tilts and shakes.

Alexandre Lamvohee of Google presented what maybe the most astonishing fact of the day:

1 in 3 people spend more time on their tablet than TV.

The explosion of the tablet market has marketers scrambling to identify opportunities and reach their audiences more directly through this mobile medium. However, as Andy Jackson of Haymarket warns, companies must have a clear objective and purpose when developing tablet strategies – don’t simply do it just to do it.

So how are companies using tablets to engage with their audience? At Bulletin, our marquee product Messenger VI, is tablet, including iPad, friendly. Giving customers the option of accessing our product from the convenience of their tablet, wherever they may be.

Do you have any other examples of companies producing tablet content in outstanding ways? We’d love to hear your examples in the comments section below.