Many businesses have a seasonal workforce that allows them to have the benefits of a relatively cheap labour pool and the flexibility of being able to ramp up when the fruit is ripe, the sheep need sharing or the cookies need selling. Yes, you read right, the cookies don’t sell themselves (but they really are good enough to be able to do so). The fact is though that the sorts of people that do this seasonal work are best reached via TXT. Whether they are migrants or youths, they are more likely to be reachable through their mobile and the cost in both money and time to call each of them far exceeds that needed for TXT messaging.

From both an economic and practical viewpoint having your team contacts in Messenger allows you to quickly broadcast targeted messages that get to your workforce. Imagine for a moment an orchardist that needs to get 40 pickers to another part of the property urgently or a cleaning crew that is needed at the south stand of the stadium. Alternatively a retailer or restaurateur that needs to cover a shift ASAP can quickly contact their pool and get a response in seconds. With SMS it’s simple and practical.

One of the things that I like to see this time of year is the increase in traffic we get from one of our long time customers. Every year for the last 10 years the Cookie Time Christmas Cookies campaign winds up and their team of students visit every office in New Zealand selling their bright red and buckets of seasonal cheer. With their sellers out and about and sales targets being set and met each day they have found SMS to be the ideal way to communicate with their workforce, to motivate them and provide updates. The selling team can respond and it give them a wonderful communication path that is unobtrusive but timely and cost effective. Throughout the rest of the year Cookie Time have integrated TXT messaging into their production systems and distribution networks for automated messaging as well as person to person messaging.

The TXT messenger system we use for the Cookie Time Christmas Cookies campaign means that we are quicker to communicate and update the sellers out in the market and do it all in a seamless fashion with one group email with a TXT alert that drives them to read the email for further information.
The beauty of the system also is that the sellers can respond if need be to the TXT. The timeliness and ease of use is a lifesaver.

L Parker –

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PS, I love your cookies!  I also love the fact you give a little to charity, nice work:)