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Case Study: Harcourts Realty

One of the largest real estate groups in New Zealand with sales revenues in excess of $4.1 billion.

Harcourts use Bulletin Messenger to distribute messages to their 1200 staff, most of who are mobile. As can be envisaged, every day there are hundreds of messages rung into Harcourt offices. These are distributed to the sales consultants using Bulletin Messenger.

With over 50,000 messages sent each month the savings in time and money are substantial. Additionally SMS does not require calling back to voice mail and the messages are normally clear and concise with a log record for tracking within the application.

Richard Kelly, ICT Services Manager, Retail Institute.

"As part of our overall trainee communication strategy, we are working on increasing the quantity and quality of our customer interactions. Txting is an integral component of this strategy"

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Notify thousands in one Email

Reach all your customers when a new product or service becomes available. One email could reach thousands of mobiles.

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HR, HSE & Internal Communications

Ensure everyone is updated with important or urgent information even when they are away from their office, or in an emergency if the power is down, you can keep in touch with your people.

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Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing ties Social Networking and Online Campaigns together. Make the most of a Growing Global Marketplace with the right technology that grows with your company needs.

CRM, PM & Customer Communications

Ensure your customers stay informed with more accessible and efficient avenues of communication.

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Advanced & Flexible Solutions

Our Technology is developed to fit and grow to your needs. Plug-in to the endless possibilities of Mobile Communications with a just a few lines of code.

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