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with just a few lines of code Bulletin API can SMS enable your applications

Bulletin API allows your developers to SMS enable your own applications without the over-heads in cost and time. Its all been done for you.

Developers can plug into our SMS Gateway API

Quick, Simple Set-up
With just a few lines of code your developers can plug into our SMS Gateway API. Take a Test-drive.

Bulletin API lets you monitor delivery status instantly through your own SMS interface.

Message Status Codes
Monitor delivery status instantly through your own application interface. View Status Codes.

Bulletin API features support for Virtual SMS Numbers

Support for SMS Virtual Numbers
One Number for Email & SMS... Any Device. Your Virtual Number is memorable and unique to you Find out more.

Bulletin Messenger allows you send Email to SMS

Easy Message Re-transmission
Since each message ID is unique, you can detect repeat transmissions and avoid duplicates. Find out how.

Bulletin Touch2TXT Mobile Interface
Long SMS Messaging
Send multipart messages as one message for more convenient message receipt. Try it out
Bulletin Touch2TXT Mobile Interface
Threaded Messaging API
Nobody else can do this. With our Patented mTag technology, Bulletin API allows you to track multiple conversations with a single recipient. View Patents.

SMS Enable your Applications with just a few lines of code

HTML, PHP and Java examples to get you up and running.

Bulletin API Tutorials

Support and documentation for developers and any technical queries.

Bulletin API Developer Guide

Quick and comprehensive answers to any questions about the service.

Bulletin API FAQs

Comprehensive SDK with a Rich Messaging API set

Bulletin API connects your applications to the global mobile network so we are able to provide a single point of contact for sending SMS messages to any mobile phone, worldwide. With a range of business interfaces, Bulletin API ensures that integrating SMS into your applications or solutions is easy.

Sending & Receiving SMS Messages in your Applications with a few lines of code

Send or Receive TXT

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