Send & Receive Text Messages via API

Send & receive SMS with the API

Reliable SMS API for your development team…

Improve your products and apps with the ability to send and receive SMS through integrating our simple REST API.

Quick, Simple Set-up
Our HTTP REST API is simple to integrate. We also have a SOAP API for those who need it. Take a Test-drive.

Push not pull
We push replies and delivery status updates directly to you for faster performance. No polling required. View Status Codes.

Virtual Numbers & Shortcodes
We support delivery through your own unique shortcodes and virtual numbers and can help you through the application process. Find out the advantages.

Two-way messaging
Our API has first-class support for global two-way SMS delivery. Easily identify replies with our conversation ID. Find out how.

Long SMS Messaging
We take care of multipart delivery, just send messages. Set optional limits to ensure multipart can’t be sent. Try it out.

Threaded Messaging
With our Patented mTag technology, your application have multiple independant conversations with a single recipient and identifiy them as different threads. View Patents.

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Looking at sending large amounts of messages?

If you are looking at doing over 25,000 messages a month contact us to have a talk about
our high-speed enterprise solutions.