For the mad keen cyclists around the world, the next month is one they have been waiting for since around this time last year.  All eyes will be on France and the race for the yellow jersey and it will be epic.  If you are heading over there to see the folie in person then pick up one of our virtual numbers before you go (or even while you are there!) and save the family and friends those horrible international SMS charges.

For those left at home to follow it on line, in the papers or on the biggest TV your friends can find then we are sorry.  Really sorry.  But… for a strictly limited time we have something for your too.  While the race of the maillot jaune  is on all our US users can TXT to France (by the way, they helped you during your war of independence too) for just 5c.  That is not a typo either, until one of the riders cross the finish line in Paris our price to France is just 5c.  Don’t tell anyone or the boss will make me ride next year and I don’t like hills.

Sign up on line now and enjoy the ride!