Playing hooky. Skipping school. Ditching class. No matter how you phrase it, students have been truant from class since the first school bell rang.  Parents and teachers have been trying to ensure students make it to, and stay in, class for just as long. Now educations have a powerful tool to combat truancy and boost attendance – SMS.

Students brought SMS (text messages) into the mainstream and now parents and educators can use one their student’s favorite methods of communication to keep them in class. Bulletin’s SMS education solutions allow educators to notify parents/guardians immediately via SMS when their child is truant. This hold’s the student accountable and keeps the parent abreast of their child’s whereabouts.

How It Works

Every morning when teachers take roll call they mark the absent and truant students. Using the existing parent/guardian contact lists, an SMS message will be automatically sent to truant student’s parents alerting them their student is truant. If the student has an excused absence (they are ill or have a doctor’s apt.), the parent/guardian will be able to respond accordingly. If the student is, in fact, skipping school the parent/guardian will be able to attempt to contact their child to ensure their safety (and presumably punish them once they are safely located).

By leveraging a school’s currently employed student management system with a simple-to-install gateway, educators will be able to easily communicate with parents/guardians where it’s most convenient for them – their mobile phones (SMS is ubiquitous and messages are opened 92 percent of the time). Better communications leads to increased attendance and greater student safety. New Zealand truancies decreased by 27% following the implementation of Bulletin programs.

Teachers can now teach to more pupils, and parents can rest easy knowing, for certain, their child is in class.