Your database plus one email equals oh so many personalised SMS…

TXT, it’s personal right?  Over 90% of SMS messages are opened within minutes of them getting to your customer.  People are engaged with their phone and some even feel that it is an emotional, almost sacred part of them that should not used by anyone but close friends or family.  Break this trust at your peril.

So, you extract all the numbers from your CRM or database and send your message, it might be an overdue notice, your 50% off sale announcement or even your annual check up reminder by SMS.  At the very least it could be impersonal or reads like spam, at worst it is invasive and your (former) customer feels alienated.

SMS costs you money so you should get more out of it so you don’t want to be hand typing individual messages to each of your contacts do you?  That is time consuming and therefore costly. A more efficient way is SMS merge.  It’s just like mail merge only it gets results!

Using Bulletin SMS Merge you can personalise the content of thousands of SMS so your clients feel like you are TXTing them, and them alone.  Thinking about it, you really should make the most of that intimate moment when it is just you and them, you only have their attention for second so make it count and you will soon see the results.

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How do you get this power?  If you are already a Messenger user you can have a look at the instructions and get started today. If you are not already using Messenger then why not?

Once you are signed up you simply extract the data from your system/CRM/Database or Excel, attach it to an email that has the SMS template and send, its that simple and it works!.

Full instructions on how to use’s SMS merge are available in our knowledge base article so sign up for Bulletin Messenger and get personal now!

Oh, and replies will come straight back to your inbox!  How cool is that!?