Here at we know a bit about SMS.  So when people are setting up their Share Point Server and and they get to the SMS part of it who do they call?  Not Microsoft who seems to be too busy to support Share Point, no, they Google and land on our page.

Now, while we love talking with other Geeks about the vagaries of Linus vs. Bill and who would win in a cage fight (probably Bill given his secrecy vs. the open moves of Linus) we have a fair bit of work to do.  So, if you are looking to set up Share Point so that its TXT enabled then read on.  If however you landed here because you Googled “+Bill +Linus +cagefight” then you may also be interested in who wins between SMS vs Email where SMS wins both in speed of delivery and in percentage of opens.  You can also have your say on Bill vs Linus by texting the winner to +19414219850.

Enough of the introduction, below you will find out how to setup SMS Messaging on SharePoint 2010. Enjoy and LETS GET READY TO RUMMMBLE!

How to setup SMS Messaging on SharePoint 2010

Create an account with by visiting
When you have created a account and received your username and password

Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration and login.
You will see the Central Administration page.

Click on System Settings and you will see the System Settings main page.

You will see the Mobile Account Settings page.

Enter the following information in Text Messages (SMS) Service Settings form.
The URL of Text Message (SMS) Service: –
User Name: – your account username
Password: – your account password

Click on Test Service to test your account settings. You should see “The account is valid”.


Click OK to save your account settings and return to Central Administration page.

How to send an alert text message from SharePoint 2010

Create a test site (blank site or any other category) and name it My Test Site

Go to home page of this site

Click on the Site Pages menu option under Documents menu and you will be able to view All Pages under Site Pages:Click on the Documents menu under Library Toolsto view the documents tool bar buttons.

Click the Alert Me button and select Manage My Alerts from the drop down menu.

Click on the Add Alert link.

Select Site Pages under Choose a List or Document Library and click Next.

Fill the New Alert form and select Text Message (SMS) option under Delivery Method.
Confirm that your phone number is correct in this section.
Click OK.

You will see the alert has been added in My Alerts on this Site.

Now any change made to the Site Pages such as adding or deleting a document will result in a text message sent to the configured mobile number in the alert.

The reply settings for messages sent through SharePoint 2010 are based on the reply settings configured in your Messenger account.
By default these are your Messenger Inbox and the Email address that you registered with.
When you receive a reply to a message sent with SharePoint 2010, it will go to your inbox and a copy of the reply will also be forwarded as an email.
If you are using Outlook 2007 or 2010 as your email client then Outlook will recognise the email as text message and will display a different icon to normal email messages.


Virtual Numbers

If you got this far then you might also like to know that has Virtual TXT numbers available in all major markets in the US.  You can be local no matter where your customers are.  See this post for more information.