Make it yours with the new Messenger

For a long time you’ve been asking for custom versions of our Messenger platform – either  for a complete white-label used by a reseller or a co-branded edition for company internal usage. In order to make this possible we have taken a long term view on the structure of the product so that ultimately just about every part of the user experience colouring, wording, correspondence, emails etc can be decided on-the-fly.

Most competitors will tell you they have “White-Labelling” and please contact sales. Soon afterwards you get roped into an expensive and time consuming customisation process. You’ll pay too. Our White-Labelling can be instantly provisioned and customised by you in real time. You [...]

Bulletin Affiliate Programme

The Bulletin.Net Affiliate Programme is a way to earn money by referring clients to When you refer a client to us, you will receive a percentage of any revenue that client pays to us, for as long as the client account remains open.

If you are an application developer, consultant or solutions architect, the affiliate programme will provide rewards. So now you can use Bulletin.Nets global, two-way SMS services to provide value to your clients, and be paid for it!

Benefits of the Affiliate Programme:

  1. Trusted, proven solution for your referrals – Bulletin.Net has been providing highly effective, cost-efficient global messaging services for over 10 years.
  2. Passive income stream – When your [...]
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