Webinar: Getting Started With Bulletin

If you missed our last webinar, don’t fret. We’re holding our second webinar Tuesday April 15th @ 11am PST going over the basics of Bulletin Messenger.

We’ll be covering a lot but once you leave, you’ll be able to successfully create your own text messaging campaigns and much more.


  • Dashboard: Navigation overview.
  • The Basics: Importing and managing address books, uploading recipient files, searching, block lists, sub-users and permissions management.
  • Messaging: Composing and sending messages, scheduling messages, SMS merge, message source and reply options, Email2SMS.
  • Advanced Settings: White labeling.

All you need to attend this webinar is a computer, internet connection, and some speakers or headphones to follow along. Remember, this is a FREE webinar, so sign up [...]

Conditioned Response SMS: Why We MUST Text

Let’s face it – we love to text. We want to text. We NEED to text. We’ll ignore phone calls, delete emails and chuck direct (junk) mail pieces in the garbage bin without hesitation. Why is it then, when we receive a text message we have an almost uncontrollable impulse to respond immediately? Whether in a meeting or actively engaged in a conversation we’ll stop everything to view and or reply to a text message.

Sending a text message garners one of the highest response rates of any communication channel, and organizations large and small are utilizing text messages to drive their communications needs. According to a recent study by [...]

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