5 Incredible Mobile Breakthroughs of 2013

2013 was the year of innovative mobile technology. Twenty years ago, we used our mobile devices primarily for calling and, really, not much else. Today, our mobile devices help run our entire lives and without them we would be lost. We book appointments through our devices, navigate directions to our favorite hotspots, calculate tips at restaurants, and take shameless “selfies” in public to send to our friends. Some of us are even get caught carrying on conversations with our mobile device, through our favorite travel companion, Siri. There’s no arguing that mobile is a huge part of our lives, and it’s only getting bigger.

With 2013 behind us, many are [...]

Bulletin Announces First API Contest Winner

During the month of November, we hosted a developer contest that focused on innovation, efficiency, and Bulletin API integration. We received some great entries from developers, all inspired by Bulletin software. However, one app impressed us the most, and that was Duane Smith’s Smiley Messenger.

smiley-messenger-home-screen smiley-messenger-settings smiley-messenger-send-screen

Smiley Messenger (available on the Apple App Store) is an iPhone application that connects users with a number of [...]

Why Consumers Opt-Out of Mobile Marketing (and How to Prevent It) – Part 1

Friends Text Messaging Through Smart Phone

Let’s be honest; No one enjoys it when people unsubscribe from their marketing list.

With all the time and effort you put into creating and growing your list, carefully crafting messages, and sending them out, it’s never fun when someone hits you with a, “thanks, but no thanks.” Whether you’re a marketing guru, a qualified professional, or simply a beginner, you’re always going to experience people opting out of your list. While you can’t always predict the future, you can be aware of some common themes that may help prevent [...]

Investor Relations: Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Personalized Text Messages


Corporate communications can be a delicate balance of presenting information that satisfies the company, the public, and the investors/shareholders. Communicating with investors has the added challenge of presenting information in an honest, favorable manner while managing expectations along with powerful, and often diverse, personalities. Investors and shareholders are generally quite busy individuals who need to receive necessary information in a concise fashion, and sending information and updates via SMS message can be a powerful communication tool to successfully reach [...]

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August Newsletter


With all the coverage and attention focused on mobile Internet and its impact on consumers and businesses and the shrinking use of voice telephony,¬†the use and expansion of A2P SMS services continues to march forward…

Mobile messaging, which has been with us nearly as long as mobile voice communications, remains a growing segment in mobile communications, particularly as businesses increasingly turn to the use of text or multimedia messaging to establish two-way relationships with their workforce and /or its consumers.

Today there are many great text messaging [...]

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