5 Incredible Mobile Breakthroughs of 2013

2013 was the year of innovative mobile technology. Twenty years ago, we used our mobile devices primarily for calling and, really, not much else. Today, our mobile devices help run our entire lives and without them we would be lost. We book appointments through our devices, navigate directions to our favorite hotspots, calculate tips at restaurants, and take shameless “selfies” in public to send to our friends. Some of us are even get caught carrying on conversations with our mobile device, through our favorite travel companion, Siri. There’s no arguing that mobile is a huge part of our lives, and it’s only getting bigger.

With 2013 behind us, many are [...]

Introducing DealSiftr – iPhone’s Latest Personalized Deal App

dealsiftr-home-screen dealsiftr-profile-screen dealsiftr-map-view

Powered by Bulletin, DealSiftr is a free app for iPhone that delivers personalized deals and coupons to you, right when and where you need them.

Simply fill out your personal profile to tell DealSiftr exactly what you’re looking for. Then, let it serve up only the best, most relevant daily deals straight to your phone. Whether you’re shopping for sporting goods, new furniture, or travel packages, DealSiftr provides you with unbeatable offers from Yelp, Restaurant.com, Amazon Local, and other location-based social networks.

DealSiftr integrates with your [...]

5 Must-Dos of a Successful Texting Campaign

Get your texting campaign Off to a great start with these five essential tips:

5 Must-Dos For Every Texting Campaign

The mobile commerce industry is predicted to quadruple to $31 billion in the next five years as organizations attempt to connect directly to their on-the-go audience through mobile platforms. Whether it’s a local retailer using text messaging for in-store discounts to drive on-site sales, a cause-related organization using SMS to collect donations, or an educational institution levering text to send live updates on school events directly to students and parents, the ubiquitous text message [...]

Retailers Driving Foot Traffic, and Sales, With Interactive SMS

Retailers are arming themselves with a new weapon to increase foot traffic, and ultimately sales, in their stores – interactive in-store SMS marketing. SMS (text messaging) has quickly become ubiquitous as all mobile phones have the ability to send and receive SMS, and retailers are taking advantage of societies new favorite communication medium. Consumers now bring more than their pocket book with them when shopping as they now come bearing mobile phones and, in growing numbers, the two are becoming the same via mCommerce.

With mCommerce (mobile commerce and marketing), consumers are now receiving in-store promotions when it’s most effective – when they are actually in the store – and [...]

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Puma NZ – Case Study

After extensive research Puma New Zealand recently decided to use SMS as part of their marketing mix after determining that it provided a low cost, relevant way to interact with their customers.  Using dedicated short codes it increases brand visibility and the interaction augments their contact database allowing them to both broadcast special offers to increase traffic into their stores and, to join the conversation with the texting youth market.

Puma has two flagship stores in New Zealand, one at Auckland and other at Christchurch.  Store Managers of both stores are excited (and relieved too) with the simplicity and versatility of the SMS based services offered by Bulletin.  They are [...]

Building loyalty 160 characters at a time

Firstly, what is loyalty? I’ve been questioning what loyalty is both from a consumer perspective and as a provider, and the quote below got me thinking about it again today.

All real loyalty programs start in the same place: creating an experience or a product that is its own reward. We’re loyal because it makes us feel good, not because we’re being bribed.

While talking to my new Barista about why I was spending more of my money there now rather than spreading it around, we started to talk about what I do and he asked some great [...]

Mobile Marketing – A Golden Opportunity

There are so many demands on our marketing budget. Where does a modern marketer invest their resources make the most impact for their brand? There is one device that has infiltrated nearly everyone’s life – the mobile phone.

SMS on mobiles is ubiquitous. A successful well-planned mobile marketing strategy now delivers a larger bang for your marketing buck. SMS text messaging works. With SMS text messages averaging 92% open rate within an hour of receipt, it is certainly the number one channel for the modern audience.

Let us take a simple example of a brand wanting to talk with its customers. A simple campaign calling an inbound [...]

SMS is dead, yeah right!

We’ve all heard the hype over the past 10 years with media and bloggers proclaiming that today is the day SMS died. Heard these before…

  • MMS will kill SMS
  • ‘Push to talk’ will kill SMS (actual quote from a  Telco executive)
  • Blackberry Messenger will kill SMS
  • Email on Smart Phones will kill SMS
  • iMessage has killed TXT

Poor wee 160 character SMS/TXT messaging  is the first victim in the marketing of any new service and the first to be bullied in the media and by bloggers.  It’s a simple victim too.  It doesn’t  need the spotlight, nor want it.  It cant afford the spotlight as there is no owner of it with a huge marketing [...]

How are our customers using SMS TXT messaging?

Bulletin has been helping users reach their teams and customers for over 15 years.  

Real Estate

  • Listings
  • Home updates
  • Open Homes
  • SMS for Quick Property Info
  • Appointment reminders
  • Agent communications
  • Sale announcements


  • Announcing new products/hours/sales
  • VIP Club communications

Call Centre

  • Message forwarding
  • Emergency communications to staff
  • Overdue account alerts


  • Balance Updates
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Deposit Alerts
  • Overdue account alerts
  • Emergency communications to staff

Utility Company

  • Usage Updates
  • Brown Out Alerts
  • Emergency communications to staff
  • Overdue account reminders


  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Openings in schedule
  • Checkup reminders
  • Overdue account reminders


  • Happy hours
  • Pop-Up Events
  • Booking confirmations
  • Building rapport


  • Appointment reminders
  • Annual registration renewals
  • Payment reminders


  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Prayer/Quotes
  • Motivations


  • Appointment Reminders
  • Public Feedback
  • Emergency communications to staff
  • Alerts


  • Tee/Court reminders
  • Change of venue and closures
  • Team Communications


  • Emergency communications to staff
  • Alerts
  • Sports/Events
  • Class changes
  • Truancy
  • Lock downs

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