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One of Australia's leading SEO companies, achieving great results
with SME to large corporates.

Bulletin Campaigner was used to design an inbound text campaign promoted on TV as part of Publicity Monster's customer acquisition program. Interested customers simply text their name to a standard Australian long code and leads are automatically delivered directly to the Publicity Monster call center for further conversation.
Additionally, Bulletin provided the infrastructure to be able to call or SMS to a Free Call 1800 number, thus creating a more focused message for the consumers. To date the results have been outstanding for Publicity Monster, providing many channels for customers to engage in.

Patented mTag Technology

Fast & Easy, No Additional System Set-Up Required. Bulletin's patents include the only known method of enabling the 'reply' button on today's three billion mobile phones to be used to automatically respond to software-application initiated SMS text messages. Bulletin's unique patented mTag technology ensures all your SMS applications have the ability to send AND receive. This seamless built-in technology provides the two-way function without you having to do any extra programming, development or software requirements.

SMS Gateway

Bulletin SMPP offers you a secure SMS Gateway, connecting applications to the global wireless network and transmition of SMS worldwide. This web-hosted service supports both REST and SMPP and has been chosen by developers, integrators, enterprises, corporations and governments organisations for over a decade.

API Feature List

Bulletin Messenger offers a ready to use solution web and email that can be extended with the API. Bulletin API gives you the opportunity to create a fully customised or specialised application utilising the carrier grade Bulletin SMPP.

Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing ties Social Networking and Online Campaigns together. Make the most of a Growing Global Marketplace with the right technology that grows with your company needs.

Advanced & Flexible Solutions

Our Technology is developed to fit and grow to your needs. Plug-in to the endless possibilities of Mobile Communications with a just a few lines of code.

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