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Bulletin is geared to partner with service providers from all sectors of the telecommunications, internet, wireless and mobile messaging industries.

License Bulletin's patented mobile messaging technologies.

Bulletin has developed and patented technologies which offer a superior solution to two-way and threaded messaging. It enables messages to be sent from computers, the web and applications and then be replied to from mobile phones worldwide. Importantly, it threads messages too to ensure the original sent message remains attached to the reply.

Bulletin's new breakthrough technology solution offers major advantages that you can deploy to create superior services:

Reliable Reply Paths: Leapfrogging the previous methods used for two-way messaging which have often been associated with lost messages and replies.
Makes Threading Available: Email without threading would be unimaginable but has not been available effectively with SMS Text Messaging until now with Bulletin's technology.
Seamless Operation: The technology fits right in with existing messaging technology and does not require bespoke software either in the Service provider's systems or on the devices.
Easy & Cost-Efficient Implementation: Integration into mobile systems platforms is straightforward and inexpensive. Scalable: Because the technology operates on an SaaS platform, it is rapidly and cost-effectively scalable.

Patented mTag Technology

Fast & Easy, No Additional System Set-Up Required Bulletin's patents include the only known method of enabling the 'reply' button on today's three billion mobile phones to be used to automatically respond to software-application initiated SMS text messages.

Bulletin's unique patented mTag technology ensures all your SMS applications have the ability to send AND receive. This seamless built-in technology provides the two-way function without you having to do any extra programming, development or software requirements.

The Problem: When someone replies to an SMS message, the mobile device does not tell the network which message the user is replying to. This restricts SMS applications to a flat request/reply flow, and requires that each application runs with a unique address.

The Solution: Bulletin's patented technology resolves this so that every message can uniquely identified back to the original message and the sending application.

On-sell Bulletin-branded services to generate commission-based revenues.

Bulletin's products can be offered as part of your service portfolio to your targeted customer base. The provision of a Computer to Mobile SMS. Text Messaging solution can expand the portfolio of many companies providing products and services to the business sector. Commission for sales is based on setup, monthly service charges and message usage. This generates initial revenues when new accounts are established followed by further revenues based on monthly messaging. Any of our services and user-interfaces can be offered under a reseller arrangement including Messenger, SMPP, Campaigner and the Bulletin Messenger app - our smartphone application. If you would like to discuss the opportunities for being a reseller of Bulletin services, please contact us for further details.

Who Works With Us?

  • Carriers
  • MVNOs
  • ISPs
  • Developers
  • Integrators
  • IT companies
  • Any companies operating in the Mobile space

Re-brand and tailor Bulletin's services to operate in your company's livery and platforms

Bulletin's services are available to be integrated into your own business and systems infrastructures, re-branded and/or adapted for your specific requirements. Clients and partners from a variety of sectors use this service, including service providers and corporations. If you are considering a white-label service then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you. In addition to our highly successful and proven products, our business is also focused on developing proprietary technologies and tailored solutions for service providers.

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To learn more about our White-Label Services.

Utilise Bulletin's mobile messaging skills and know-how to develop new technology and IP.

Bulletin has been providing technology development skills and know-how to our clients and partners for over 10 years. Identifying new opportunities... We work with clients on contractual and co-development arrangements to identify new opportunities and the technology required to open these up. Problem Solving... Our expertise in wireless messaging technologies between computer systems and mobile phones has helped solve problems faced by a range of clients and partners from the Carrier, ISP, Development and Integration sectors. Skills & Know-How... Our in-house mobile messaging skills range from identifying, evaluating, testing and proving new technology solutions through to project specification drafting and management

New mobile messaging:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Global Communication
  • Attract new customers

Improving interfacing and communication between:

  • Computer systems and mobile devices
  • Applications and any wireless devices
  • User-Interface:
    • Creation
    • Adaptions
    • Improvements
  • Web-site interfaces and interaction

New mobile messaging

  • Connectivity
  • Routing
  • Performance management
  • Reporting
  • Device-specific solutions

Full Support for Services & Development

Our Developers lead the teams that support the fully effective and efficient deployment and operation of our services in your organisation.

Low Cost Implementation & Operation

The cost-efficiency of mobile messaging compared to voice communications creates a compelling low-cost proposition. View our Pricing.

Get started quickly & easily with no software to download

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