The Beauty of Bulletin MessengerIf you purchased the original iPhone (8GB) for $499 upon release and purchased every upgraded edition of the product – six totals – you would have spent at least $3,000 for every iteration of the product since its 2007 release. That’s a fair amount of coin for upgrades.
Conversely, if you purchased Bulletin Messenger in 1999 when it was released you would have received every upgrade for free – without needing to download, upload or purchase anything.

Bulletin Messenger –’s marquee product – provides organizations large and small the ability to send multiple SMS messages to communicate with their audiences globally. The humble SMS has proved to be the communication channel of choice for organizations looking to speak directly with their customers. The industry-leading Bulletin Messenger has separated itself from its competition with flawless features such Threaded and Two-way text messaging, address book synchronization, and a scheduling tool to send messages at future dates.

Bulletin Messenger’s user-friendly product features help distinguish it from the competition, but its automatic, free software updates define the product’s long-term success. Once you purchase Messenger, all future upgrades occur automatically at no cost.

As organizations search for ways to integrate mobile into their 2013 marketing plan with the objective of speaking directly to their audience, text messaging is a cost-effective and personalized way to meet these goals while guaranteeing you won’t be surprised by future upgrade costs. User-friendly is an understatement. If only all upgrades were this simple.