We’ve spent huge amounts of time figuring out what would make On-line SMS easier.  Instead of following the norm with a Web SMS offering that involves gazillions of buttons, takes weeks to learn and can turn into a complete mess when you are dealing with large volumes of conversations we decided to focus on making your lives easier.

The new Messenger takes inspiration from leading email services like Gmail and Outlook, but brings something truly unique to the table; SMS Conversational Threading.

What’s changed:

Our loyal existing Messenger users will be used to the combined message log with the Composer at the top of the screen. Every message in and out of the system was viewed in a sequence in the order they were sent and received with automatic refresh providing a handy dashboard of activity.

We looked at this and then surveyed some of our customer usage. It sure can get hard to keep track of who replied to what, and then if you reply to them, it gets even harder to see the wood for the forest. If you send thousands of messages and get hundreds of replies this recent message list quickly loses it’s value. Our competitors have exactly the same challenge.


Using the  threading technology that Bulletin patented in 1997, we realised that we have the unique ability to group your SMS Conversations. For example if you send a message, get 10 replies and use (the new) Quick Reply to follow-up, all of this is held under a single conversation.

Suddenly managing your messages is a cinch – and we’ve made it all real-time so no need to manually refresh (although you can if you want!).
You’ve got a sales meeting at 11am. Another at 3pm. Both calls have different attendees. With other systems, you’ll have messages coming in from attendees all into one big bucket. Who is replying to which message, in fact who can make the 11am meeting and who the 3pm meeting? Its impossible to figure out unless people are told to specify the meeting in the reply, which is just hassle and error prone.

With Bulletin’s patented conversation technology the solution is at hand. Continue your conversation just like email and with real-time updates (no need to click the refresh button) you can engage like never before.

Our Quick Reply functionality lets you continue the conversation in line so you don’t lose your chain of thought.

Conversation View allows you to view replies in context and reply one on one to your clients or contractors

As Bulletin is a global company, with customers through out the world, one of the biggest frustrations we see is ensuring you always have the correct country code for the mobile number you are sending to.  Without wanting to cast stones, it seems the worst culprits are in Australia and the US, not sure why but the rest of our users seem to know that the world does not revolve around them and are more comfortable dealing with international numbers.

We thought it would be nice to be able to just send to local numbers rather than try to figure out your country code.  Even better if you send to a foreign number we’ll let you  know where that number is so if you have drunk dialled or made a mistake you can easily spot where.  It’s like we were reading your mind right? Scary.

Smart Contacts

Tablet friendly the Smart Contact makes adding, editing and viewing your contacts so much easier!Our new Smart Contact tells you the country we think the number you have just entered is! It keeps track of all your new or existing contacts and, as you add them to a message you are about to send, it shows you handy counters so you are always in the know. Rich Contact elements allow you to add to your Address Book, or edit details, or if its a group, you can quickly remove individuals from that send. The Bulk Sender (truck icon) is now part of Compose and allows upload of files up to 1mb in size, which is about 70,000 recipients in a single send.  That is a heap of people you can now invite to your 40th!

Composer’s Message input is language aware, so if you are from China, for example, it correctly works out the message parts so you don’t get any surprises. We’ve added in handy template and signature options within the Composer providing fingertip access when you need it.No doubt you are already familiar with recipient auto-complete where you can start typing a number or name to get a list of recent recipients or contacts to choose from. However, if you enjoy ‘Address Book Surfing’, as we call it, where you know who you want to send to, but someone else in your contacts may be interested too – you can click on the Address Books icon and a special view appears allowing you to do just that.


Bulletin Messenger allows you to schedule your SMS messages

Have a regular ball game to organise? Perhaps you’ve got a meeting every week and you need to text the attendees. The new recurring scheduled messaging facility provides on-screen drag and drop of your schedules. Access it from the compose page, clicking the split beside the send button.

Smart Search

Remembered part of a message? Know someone’s surname? Don’t want to wait around? With the new Smart Search  you can just type what you are after and find it.  If you want to search documentation, look top right of the page. We’ve thought of that too.

We’ve made some usability improvements to the Address Books, you’ll first see these in the auto-completer within the Compose page on both the Web and Touch2TXT application. We now include the Address Book the contact is within inside square brackets following the contact name e.g Bob [My Contacts]

Address books can now be synchronised. What does this mean? We’ve made each Address Book  a full copy of all contact information in its own right, so now when you copy contacts between Address Books and you update the contact information in the original, the changes don’t flow though. If you have checked the Synchronise box within the Address Book you copied to we take care of this for you. This provides finer grained control.

By providing full copies of Address Books you can now have duplicate contacts in different Address Books which is brilliant for marketing lists as a recipient may be part of many campaigns.


Bulletin Messenger - now with Google Chrome NotificationsChrome Goodness!

We’ve added in Chrome Desktop Notifications. If you use the Chrome Browser, then visit Profile Settings (top right gears icon) and enable notifications.  Accept the prompt and you’ll be able to minimise your Chrome


Updated User Guide

With all the changes going on, the user guide got a good overhaul too.  Check it out for more information or if you like pictures of vampires.


Last but not least… Tablet friendly

Every element within Messenger has been designed with Tablets in mind. We made sure there were no hovers (can’t be done on a tablet) and ensured elements are big enough for a finger. We’re working on further improvements in this area and welcome your feedback.

We’ve worked hard on listening to you and developing the best text messaging platform available today. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the product.


Thanks and we hope we just made your day a little easier

The Bulletin Team