As business continues its move out of brick and mortar locations and into e-commerce and automation, cyber security should be top of mind for each and every one of today’s business professionals. It has become increasingly critical to take all necessary precautions in securing sensitive information from prying eyes. Nowhere is this more critical than with web, IT or mobile applications, which require an added level of security and user authentication beyond the basic username and password login process.

These online services require secure authenticated access for users located anywhere around the world.

To help keep your data and systems secure and protected, Bulletin has developed a new Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Application Programming Interface (API).

Bulletin’s Two-Factor Authentication enables organizations to add another authentication factor to their applications without causing inconvenience to their customers. The solution simply provides customers requesting access to applications with a single pin number that is sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS. This type of security is not only highly effective, but incredibly convenient and easy-to-use, with no need for the customer to purchase new equipment, remember additional passwords or provide biometric data.

How It Works

Bulletin makes the process quite simple for both the enterprise customer and the end-user. After establishing a Bulletin account, our enterprise customers can connect their site or applications using our easy-to-use Two-Factor Authentication API. All it takes is a few lines of code. Now, when an end-user accesses the enterprise’s website and logs in normally, our Two-Factor Authentication API automatically generates a token which is then sent to the user’s registered mobile device. From here, the user simply copies the token into the token input field they see on their screen to verify their identity.

Key Features

Simple API code for rapid integration

Accessible to all users across the globe

Configurable token code

Available delivery receipts for most mobile operators


No additional hardware or tokens required

Fast and easy way to create a strong layer of security

Dynamic tokens provide added security over typical username / password combination

A maximum number of failed login attempts reduces the risk of attacks by unauthorized persons

Lower Help Desk and security management costs
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