Much has been made recently about how the US Presidential Campaigns have been allowed to utilise SMS for fundraising and this has raised awareness of the avenue but it is not just for Donkeys and Elephants.

SMS Fund for fundraising has been used by Charities for many years as a way to generate donations especially from the younger markets, some campaigns with more success than others.  Is Obama Inc. a charity or does Romney really need your $5 when Corporate America is bank rolling their luncheons?  Probably not, but for many NGO and non-profits as well as local and international charities the small donation from thousands of people really do make a difference to what they do.

Bulletin has helped many charities with their TXT fund raising and have learnt a few things in the 15 years we have been doing it and would like to share some of them.

Plan early

The networks can take time to work through the process.  They try to be very helpful and some even waive their fee but still give yourself at least six weeks to get ready.  Having the networks onside early will mean your number can be confirmed before you print your materials.

PS, don’t print your number until it is ready or it might go badly.

  • Twitter, Facebook, G+ and any other social outlet you have should be used along side your traditional media routes.
  • If you have collectors on the street make sure they know the number so there is no excuse for business men with deep pockets and short arms.  They will always have a phone (and its probably paid for by their company anyway!)
  • BONUS TIP: Advertise several keywords so you can identify which channel is being effective
Give something back

Thank them and tell them how their money is being used.  Give them warm feelings with a random ‘thought of the day’ or even a link to a image of their donation at work and always give them a link to your website so they can find out more information

Don’t annoy people

Follow up is a great way to build rapport with the people you reached but you need to make sure they want that.

Have fun with your campaign

TXT is still a youth channel.  Look at what they might react to and target your campaign and it has a good chance of going viral and building the awareness of your fundraising and the level of your donations.

What can do to help?

  • We work closely with the charities that choose to use us to ensure they get accurate information during the initial phase and throughout their campaigns.
  • Keywords are created with reply content to suit
  • A detailed report suite is available and can be customised if needed.
  • Promotion of the cause on our monthly customer emails
  • Fast and accurate reporting of fund raising totals at the end of the campaign
  • Friendly and efficient support team that does everything for you including those first few donations to get you started.  It’s how we roll.
  • No cost subscription to Bulletin Messenger and 500 FREE messages so that you can keep in touch with your people collecting on the street.
  • PLUS: Automatic entry to our affiliate program for ongoing revenue.
  • Ask us and we’ll probably say yes!

If you or someone you know is interested in making a difference, we can help.  Contact Bulletin today to find out how or leave a comment if you need more information.