QR (Quick Response) codes are gaining popularity due to their mass adoption by larger global brands and the fact they can carry quite a lot of information. You may have seen these little squares used on labels of your favourite soda, or perhaps on a billboard or magazine advert. QR codes can carry a myriad of information, in fact you’d be amazed at how much can be stored within a QR code and you’d also be surprised to find out that due to nifty error correction up to 30% of the QR code can be damaged with the resultant data still usable!

How much data?
So what is the maximum information you can get into a QR code? The table below shows how packaged a QR code can become, and as long as the reader application understands the type it can do just about anything with this information including preparing an SMS to send to a campaign which could be to fetch a voucher, enter a competition or even request a callback.

  • Numeric only – 7089 Characters
  • AlphaNumeric – 4296 Characters
  • Binary (8 bit) – 2953 bytes
Because QR codes can have such high error correction tolerances it is possible to embed logos within the QR code as well as colouring the code itself.  Just make sure you test the code still works after you have finished doctoring it as printing thousands of broken QR codes has been known to reduce your life expectancy.

Brilliant for Initiating SMS Campaigns
If you are preparing a marketing campaign, you could include a QR code that prepares a text message to a number setup in Bulletin Campaigner. This will save your potential customer from having to memorise the number or the special keyword required to trigger the promotion or otherwise. It also reduces the need for you to purchase a shortcode – because your customer won’t have to worry about writing down the phone number in the first place!  Bulletin Campaigner has standard rate shared International SMS Numbers for all prepay and postpaid customers that you can signup and start using with QR codes immediately.
Generating a QR code for texting is being built into Bulletin Campaigner, but in the meantime you can use a free online generator such as QR4 and start using QR codes within your SMS Marketing Campaigns!