June 8th 2011

Bulletin.net Inc, a Microsoft Approved Service Provider, has announced they can now provide every individual user in the USA with a standard phone number, exclusively for sending text messages from Microsoft Outlook or from within Bulletin’s own Messenger Interface.

“We are delighted that Bulletin.net is supporting Outlook to help text messaging from a computer become as easy as emailing… The availability of individual numbers makes it even more compelling to use the Outlook Mobile Service” said Roby Kurian, Sr. Product Manager at Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft built text messaging into the Outlook 2007 and 2010 versions. Bulletin.net is now able to send the text messages from a person’s virtual number, to any mobile phone worldwide. A text can also be sent to the number in the normal way and the message is delivered direct into Outlook.

Just like a text sent from a mobile, the Outlook sender’s 10-digit number displays on a recipients phone so they know who it is from. The number can be stored in any mobile phone Address Book and a text sent to it in the usual way, and the message is delivered to the persons Outlook Inbox. Numbers can be selected by Outlook users in the area-code they prefer.

“We believe the ready availability of virtual phone numbers for Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service is a big breakthrough for businesses and individuals… Having your own number for text messaging from email has major advantages. Just like emails, people want to know who a text message is from before opening it, and now they will with certainty. Businesses and any organization can easily send text messages from Outlook email to their employees, customers and members and be confident that it will be read, and quickly. It won’t be necessary to have to use personal mobile numbers any more for business text messages. We believe Microsoft built text messaging into Outlook because they know that’s what their customers want. We also believe people will want their own number for text messaging from Outlook, just like they want an email address. So, we are thrilled to be making this possible, affordable and easy.” said Bruce Herbert, President at Bulletin.net Inc.

Microsoft’s web-site summarises the reasons they have included a text message option into Outlook.“Communicating with a wireless device by sending e-mail messages can be awkward — not all mobile devices can connect to an e-mail account, and accessing e-mail messages on a mobile device is typically slower and more difficult than reading text messages.”

It continues, “An easier way to send and receive text messages is with your computer and Outlook 2010. With Outlook, you can send messages to multiple people simultaneously, and a full-sized keyboard enables you to write messages more quickly and comfortably. Also, incoming messages are received in your Outlook Inbox. You can save your text messages just as you would with an e-mail message. This helps you maintain an ongoing record of your mobile communications.”