Bulletin has recently updated the Messenger platform to continue to provide our customers with the best-in-breed, feature-rich products to meet and exceed all their messaging requirements. Over our next few posts we will tell you more about the new features and improvements.


Give the new-look Messenger a free try by clicking on this link:



Get started quickly & easily with no software to download

Your trial account includes 10 FREE Messages to send to other users on your account for testing purposes. You can have up to 5 users registered on your account, absolutely FREE. It takes only seconds to get started with no obligation to purchase.



We have also created a bespoke Messenger platform for a major Australian Telecomms company, as well as updated the current Messenger offering of one of the big New Zealand Telecomms companies, allowing both to showcase the new features and improvements to their respective customers.

Messenger have many use cases and we love to hear from our users about these. One from a Major Oil & Gas customer of ours describes using a Text-based customer feedback campaign. The customer text the ‘code’ provided to them to the short code, which allowed them to receive a weblink. Clicking on the weblink allowed the customer to provide feedback on their in-store experience as well as the services provided to them.


Another customer created a quick ‘How-to’ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmlEKJvwvKA


What is next for Messenger?

It does not stop there, we are continually developing new ways to improve on our products. Coming soon will be an integration to Facebook (widening your reach to Facebook users across the World); adding Language Translation service in Chat; the ability to send documents securely via any of the messaging means, and many more… Watch this space!


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